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22 Oct

After being very impressed with a recent Heli-Hike in the Canadian Rockies, I wanted to write a bit about it and provide details on how you can go about booking it for yourself, as these tours need to be booked in advance.


I went out last Tuesday, October 14, which is getting quite late for Heli-Hiking. As you can see by the pictures, there was already some snow. Once the snow really accumulates, you can take advantage of a Heli-Snowshoe tours which can also be booked through rocky-peak Ski Holidays.

The drive to the Helicopter start point is spectacular in itself as you have to drive along the magnificent Icefields Parkway from either Jasper, Banff or Lake Louise. The location makes this tour a great addition to many itineraries in Western Canada as it is right en-route and so minimises travel time.

Once you arrive at the Icefields Heliport, just outside of Banff National Park, you will be safety briefed, geared up, and then you board the helicopter.


The helicopter takes you into the backcountry where you can start your hike with the certified guide. Martha, the guide, was very knowledgeable and has the qualifications to back this up!


The walk in itself was easy, however, if you are a stronger hiker, slightly more challenging heli-hikes can be arranged. The home-made gourmet lunch was delicious and really satisfying. After a couple of hours of hiking, the guide will radio the helicopter pilot and you will be picked up. It really is that easy!

Helicopter Landing

I hope you enjoy the photos and if you have any questions, please feel free to post here and I will do my best to answer them, or you can contact rocky-peak Holidays direct.

Do you like Yoga? Why not try a Heli-Yoga tour?!

Memorable hiking in the Canadian Rockies.

There are many photo opportunities!

The only things left behind: your footprints.

Nature surrounds you. Opportunites to see wildlife.

The guide knows the area better than anyone!

Scenic mountain streams.

Abraham Lake
Abraham Lake greets you on your return flight.


Banff Ice Hockey

09 Oct

Banff Ice Hockey Tours to see the Calgary Flames play in the Saddledome are a great way to experience a Canadian passion. Ice Hockey to the Canadians is like soccer to the British!

For the 2008-2009 winter season, NHL ice hockey tours are once again offered from Banff to Calgary. Pick-ups from Canmore and Lake Louise can also be arranged. Our ticket packages include coach transportation, an onboard guide, a hockey souvenir and of course, your hockey ticket!

For most games, we offer Green and Black seating. See the seating diagram below:

The 2008-2009 Banff Ice Hockey Tour schedule is listed below:

Calgary Flames NHL Hockey Schedule
Date Opponent Departs Banff Game Time
OCT 11 Canucks 5.15 pm 8.00 PM
OCT 14 Avalanche 4.45 pm 7:30 PM
OCT 17 Oilers 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
OCT 21 Capitals 4.45 pm 7:30 PM
OCT 28 Avalanche 4.45 pm 7.30 PM
OCT 30 Bruins 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
NOV 4 Coyotes 5.15 pm 8.00 PM
NOV 6 Predators 4.45 pm 7.30 PM
NOV 11 Maple Leafs 4.45 pm 7:30 PM
NOV 18 Avalanche 4.45 pm 7.30 PM
NOV 22 Red Wings 5.15 pm 8.00 PM
NOV 25 Kings 4.45 pm 7.30 PM
NOV 29 Canucks 5.15 pm 8.00 PM
DEC 2 Stars 4.45 pm 7.30 PM
DEC 12 Panthers 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
DEC 19 Blackhawks 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
DEC 23 Ducks 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
DEC 27 Senators 5.15 pm 8.00 PM
DEC 29 Wild 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
DEC 31 Oilers 5.15 pm 8.00 PM
JAN 6 Sharks 5.15 pm 8.00 PM
JAN 8 Islanders 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
JAN 13 Blues 4.45 pm 7.30 PM
JAN 17 Coyotes 5.15 pm 8.00 PM
JAN 21 Blue Jackets 5.15 pm 8.00 PM
JAN 28 Sabres 3.15 pm 6.00 PM
JAN 30 Predators 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
FEB 5 Blackhawks 4.45 pm 7.30 PM
FEB 7 Ducks 10.15 am 1.00 PM
FEB 9 Canadiens 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
FEB 17 Canucks 4.45 pm 7.30 PM
FEB 24 Blue Jackets 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
FEB 27 Wild 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
MAR 1 Lightning 3.15 pm 6.00 PM
MAR 18 Stars 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
MAR 20 Blues 4.15 pm 7.00 PM
MAR 23 Red Wings 4.45 pm 7.30 PM
MAR 28 Wild 5.15 pm 8.00 PM
MAR 30 Sharks 4:45 pm 7.30 PM
APR 6 Kings 4.45 pm 7.30 PM
APR 11 Oilers 5:15 pm 8.00 PM

Tickets this year are $104.76 for Black Tickets including transportation and $133.33 for Green. Both rates are subject to 5% Goods Services Tax.

For more information including how to book, visit Banff Ice Hockey.

Go Flames Go!

Banff Fall Photographs

08 Oct

This September has been a fantastic fall with above average temperatures and gentle winds allowing trees to show for longer!

Unfortunately, the pictures we originally posted have since been deleted. Here are some fall photographs I think you’ll enjoy: CLICK HERE

Today’s Weather: Snow! This is great news for Canada Ski Resorts some of which are scheduled to open early November!

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