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Canada Day 2008 in Banff

27 Jun

Celebrate Canada on July 1 in our spectacular mountain setting!

Banff’s ever-popular Canada Day Parade returns to the newly refreshed downtown area in 2008. It’s a highlight of a grand day of celebrations that includes an all-day festival and party in Central Park, and a thrilling fireworks display.

Canada Day in Banff begins at 9 a.m. with the annual Parks Canada Pancake Breakfast, in the tranquil surroundings of the Parks Administration grounds and gardens. At noon, the scene shifts to Central Park, where there will be live entertainment all day long: from Siksika First Nations Dance, to Parks Canada Mountain Wit Theatre, to the sounds of local legends performing on the Louis Trono Gazebo and Stampede stages.

And of course there will be food, t-shirts, sidewalk art, fun and games for the kids.

At 5 p.m., the Canada Day Parade takes over Banff Avenue, with colourful floats, marching bands, baton corps, and equestrian riders, winding up once again at Central Park. The party comes to a close at 11 p.m. with the traditional fireworks show.

It’s a great day for a visit to Banff. And remember: entry into Banff National Park is free on Canada Day… no admission fee at the Park gates!

Source: Town of Banff


Experiencing Banff by Bus: Roam!

26 Jun

Environment-friendly hybrid buses offer a “wild” experience

Banff residents and visitors alike are wild about Banff’s new public transit buses.

On June 2, 2008, Banff became the first municipality in Canada to introduce an all-hybrid electric transit fleet. The new buses look special too; they are wrapped in authentic Banff National Park wildlife imagery. Each bus features a unique back-country view of grizzlies, elk, goats and wolves.

Banff Town Councillor Stavros Karlos is one of many local residents who are thrilled with the new buses. “We live in a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it is really important to us to always consider the environmental impacts of our decisions,” says Stavros.

“The new buses reduce emissions and lower our fuel and lifecycle costs. They also look amazing, and provide a new experience of our park surroundings… I think people are going to want to leave their cars where they are, and Roam instead.”

The new public transit service has been named “Roam” to suggest both the experience we enjoy while riding the buses, as well as the grandeur of our natural environment where wildlife roam free.

Source: Town of Banff June 2008


Cougar kill on edge of Banff Townsite

19 Jun

Cougar kill on edge of Banff Townsite

On the evening of June 16, a cougar kill was reported in the Middle Springs area behind Kootenay Avenue, on the periphery of the Banff Townsite.
Because this is on the edge of a residential area, wardens have placed “Carnivore Alert” signs in the area.

We often have bears, cougars and wolves near the townsite, and on occasion they may even pass through Banff neighbourhoods. This is considered the normal state of affairs in and around the town of Banff.

If Visitors and Residents Ask:
All Banff residents and visitors are reminded that direct conflict between cougars and humans is very rare but extra caution is advised when travelling in this area, particularly during hours of dawn, dusk and at night. Small children should always be closely supervised and please remember that if you are walking your dog, it must be on a leash.

Please report any bear, wolf, or cougar activity to the Banff Warden Office 24 hour dispatch at 403-762-1470.

To learn more about safety tips around cougars and other carnivores please visit this website:

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